Creating Addictive Content

It’s one thing to create content to promote your business, but how do you create addictive content that people look for to on a regular basis? Getting the answer to this question can actually be what determines if your marketing strategy succeeds or not. Once you get your followers hooked to what you create, you’ll eventually build fans that will share, promote, and buy your products and services. This will naturally build your brand and help you build a strong position in the marketplace.

First and foremost, everything you create needs to be easy to read and consume. So if you’re writing an article, you want a clear headline that draws the reader in. The headline should be engaging and provoke curiosity to get the reader to commit. You want the article to a certain flow and cohesiveness. To accomplish this, you should organize your article better, create multiple subheadings, use an attractive font, and improve your formatting. The same fundamentals blog posts, social media posts, videos, etc.

person writing addictive content

Second, you want to be emotionally appealing. Don’t make everything you produce straight up how-to articles. Come up with entertaining videos, tell interesting stories, use captivating images, and elicit emotions in the right context. Sometimes it’s all in your marketing, namely how you sell the article. If you’re excited about something and can convey that excitement, the reader will feel the same way. If you really want to stir up the curiosity reader, promise that you’ll reveal a secret somewhere in the article.

Third, you actually need a great piece. There’s simply no way around it. That means that you have to really do your research, write about a topic that’s relevant to the reader, and present it in a manner that makes the topic something that the reader would be interested in. The writing needs to be on point in the spelling, grammar, data, topic, ideas, etc.

Fourth, you need to be unpredictable. One of the biggest mistakes that you see companies make is producing the same kind of articles, videos, and posts every week. You really need to switch it up to keep your readers on their toes. You can release entertaining videos, concise how to articles, rants about a frustrating topic, interviews with prominent guests, etc. You don’t want to train your readers into thinking that they’re going to get more of the same each week. Once they get bored, they will start to ignore what you produce.

Finally, be consistent. While this sounds counterproductive to being unpredictable, you need to be consistent in different ways. Your readers should expect consistency in the quality of what you produce, the way you communicate to them, the way some of your content is structured, and the personality that communicates with them on a regular basis. Chances are that people will come back because they liked what you were giving them and want more of it.

So these are the five ways to create addictive content. Getting an audience hooked on what you produce can help you a lot with your branding efforts. Once you start building fans, you’ll start to see that many of them will take on the role as your unofficial branding ambassadors. They’ll be happy to share their experience with you on their blogs, social media accounts, and some may even become your promotional partners.

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