Innovation Goes Beyond New Product Development

June 29, 2020In Design, Innovation, Strategy2 Minutes

New Orleans had quickly become one of the nation’s top hot zones for the coronavirus. First responders and essentials workers were experiencing a severe shortage of protective gear.

In response to COVID-19, New Orleans-based MediaBlink™ an interactive print solution provider shifted gears and began producing high-quality face shields to distribute to first responders and affected personnel. In days of the announcement, their team, industry-wide known for their innovative and strategic productions, designed and patented a Face Shield™ prototype, sourced from in-house materials used for other applications.

“Manufacturing face shields came out of my desire to help. To be of service to our community, PPE shortage was the top headline every day,” says Benny Burst, co-founder of MediaBlink. “I had an idea for the design and some material in-house to create the first version. Two of our top production engineers helped. It was an instant hit with medical workers—everyone commented on how comfortable and effective our face shields are compared to what they had been wearing.”

In less than one week, MediaBlink™ turned out a unique design into the functional product that surprised experts. According to field testers, Face Shield design is durable, more comfortable than anything on the market, and ultra-lightweight that allows for long hours of wearing. In the first few weeks, over 5000 face shields ware donated. But their user-centric product design created genuine demand that was more than a short-term volunteer effort. Their workforce of 100 people reconfigured in their roles and began production into two shifts producing over 5000 face shields a day for school districts, organizations, and wholesale.

Face Shields


The face shield can be found everywhere, with all major medical facilities and hospitals using them regularly. With a weight of only 1.4 oz. comparable to the average pair of eyeglasses, it is the preferred choice among doctors and nurses.

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