Elevating Your Content for Mobile Optimization

December 17, 2014In Responsive Design, Web Design3 Minutes

The unquenchable thirst for connectivity, versatility, and portability has driven the meteoric rise of mobile devices the world over. With near-constant mobile optimization and advancement of the functionality and features of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers, they are virtually irresistible and the users insatiable. Though the desktop is still holding on, mainly due to the still healthy, but dwindling water cooler, office-inhabiting population, attention has shifted to the question of mobile v. app development.

Choosing between developing a mobile website or an app is a relevant and timely argument for a business just emerging into the mobile web market. If it’s financially viable, it’s highly recommended to build both a responsive site and a native mobile app, which will help an organization work towards demonstrating to its user that it can be visible and usable at all times, building a great deal of value. An app will produce a mobile-focused experience for current and most loyal customers, while a mobile site can furnish an ideal experience for current and prospective clients to the website.

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Mobile website development should likely come first, even if there are plans to build an app in the future. An app is great for achieving a specific purpose, for which a website may not be enough.

It’s imperative that a company ensure that the brand vision is consistent across all platforms. It is crucial to understand the applicable content strategies as well as current and potential users, reviewing end goals in order to adequately and efficiently map out future plans for development and technological advancements.

There are countless websites and designs in every industry. What truly makes an organization stand out is when their brand is relatable, feeling almost human to viewers. Once that style permeates into a company’s design process, it infuses the brand with a unique and identifiable spirit that people are naturally drawn to.

With great mobile optimization comes fantastic content – it’s imperative to realize that creating relevant, informative content to complement and expand existing text can significantly improve site traffic and substantial leads, creating genuine connections with customer interactions. Simply put, working with fantastic content strategists builds upon an organization’s current site credibility and flows into a meaningful brand engagement.

Helping you find your passion and letting that seep into your content, infusing spirit into your business writing – but it can seem difficult to put the company mission into words. You may be able to chat excitedly about your ideas and concepts to family and friends, but find it challenging to keep that tone when producing content for your website, knowing the importance of remaining professional and avoiding redundancy. Collaborating closely with a team of content strategists will help you put that excitement and drive into words, allowing your readers to understand your company’s unique benefits – connecting to your story and wanting to be a part of it.

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