Think Content: Smart Content Strategy Tips

January 14, 2015In Web Design3 Minutes

Using the hashtag #thinkcontent, software company NewsCred opened the conversation this afternoon about content marketing strategies. The importance of having fully optimized content for a brand’s marketing strategy is crucial – more and more companies are starting to realize that and jump on board. We listened in on the host, Michael Brenner (NewsCred’s Head of Strategy), discussing the best methods to increase engagement and develop your best content initiatives.

“Put customers’ needs first – make them the hero.”

Put the Customer First

Often, as Michael says, brands become too consumed with their own story and forget why they started their business in the first place – for the customers. Bringing that focus back to the original audience and combining the brand story with what the consumers want to see will lead to the best possible content strategy.

Be the interest

A powerful quote, exemplifying everything that is inspiring about content and its connection to the customer user experience.

By anticipating customer needs and catering to those immediately, brands become the “winners” – the ones to help customers the most.

Levels of content

Michael also suggests utilizing a three-pronged strategy when approaching content, directing a third of your content marketing energy to the categories above: custom, licensed, and social content. Custom content is focused on specific storytelling that enforces specific brand elements; licensed content encompasses informative, fully licensed text; and social content involves engagement through social media, targeting different market segments. By investing equal attention to each category, brands can be confident that each content segment is strong and visually (as well as structurally) appealing.

Blog benchmarks

This slide on blog benchmarks detailed a way how a brand can see if their content marketing is having an effect – using analytics and earning your audience’s attention rather than just buying it.

Below are the final takeaways from the great presentation, succinctly providing tips for brands to implement in their content marketing strategy:


The hashtag began the thought process in an inspiring and provoking manner. Brands and content strategists must remain adaptive to the rapidly changing environment that we find ourselves in, to deliver the best possible products and services to our customers. Change management twists how we think and forces us to stay on our toes, remaining focused on the audience and providing optimal results.


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