Custom Web Design Approach from the Agency Standpoint

December 23, 2013In Web Development, Web Design4 Minutes

A custom web design project calls for more than custom graphics. Everything from the visual branding, content, user interface and user experience design comes into play. Very few firms and professionals have the skills to deliver everything a custom web design project calls for. At ArtVersion, we have the expertise and experience to customize every aspect of your website’s design to make it unique to you.

What Many Designers Often Do

Many freelance designers will use templates and try to build your site using custom graphics. While you can still achieve a good-looking website, it doesn’t do anything to make the company unique. There are many ways to build a website, from content-oriented sites and minimalist designs to websites that tell a story. What may work for one company may not work for you.

Branding Gives Your Site a Strong Identity

We think branding should be a big part of any web design project. Making sure that the visual elements and content relating to your brand are strong components of the design is essential to giving your website a strong identity. It’s more than just placing your logo site-wide. It’s about integrating it into the design so that it ties into the story and content but not in an overbearing way.

Storytelling Brings It Together

Even if your brand is well known, focusing too much on the brand itself doesn’t add value to users. Storytelling is what bridges the gap between users and your brand. ArtVersion has used storytelling in multiple ways, from using it as content, and weaving it into the sales pages, to making it a big part of the design. Users engaged with stories are more likely to browse your website because they’re not being sold or pushed an agenda. Stories also leave a lasting impression which is the primary goal for many brands.

Come Visit Our Chicago Web Design and Development Office

ArtVersion is one of the few firms open to working with clients. We invite our clients to come and work with our team to brainstorm ideas, build strategic plans, and learn from our expertise. Working with us will be convenient and transparent if you’re located in Chicago. You can come into our offices to discuss problems or submit contributions for your project.

We Have a Versatile Skill-set

We develop and design for many platforms, from WordPress and Drupal to Magento. You won’t have to worry about second-rate design or development work. We won’t have to outsource it to other professionals who know a specific platform better. We know how to customize your website for all aspects of design and can build on an existing website.

So contact us today if you have a custom web design project that calls for the best. Our team consists of award-winning creative professionals and individuals who are experts in different areas of marketing and design.

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