Visual Branding: Explained

May 7, 2014In Branding4 Minutes

A lot of ideas about branding have changed over the last few years and not for the sake of innovation, but to adapt to changing consumer behavior. One of the most significant ideas companies have taken to is visual branding. It’s becoming clear that a logo isn’t enough to create the desired perception or get the consumers to understand what the company is about.

That is where the idea of visual branding comes in. This is not just about the logo but the entire visual presentation that accompanies all your communications across all marketing channels. This can include everything from the core message, typography, background imagery, color, shape, and scenario your brand is conveying.

This may sound a little confusing, so here’s an example of what this all means. If you’re a health food company, your brand image is depicted by warm colors and scenery set in nature. It can also show pictures of older consumers if that is your target market. It is the entire visual presentation rather than a simple logo that tries to exemplify what your company is about.

How a company brands itself will affect the company’s position in the marketplace.

Corporations that intend to create a visual brand presentation to create an impressionable corporate image may use the same concepts in different ways. Unique typography, mascots, and non-traditional colors used with the right balance can help distinguish them from competitors while also personifying their unique advantages. To add to this, some corporations have used visual storytelling to extend the concept of what they are about and build a bridge that helps the target market connect with the organization.

There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into this type of branding. It can be easy to get lost in the design aspect of branding. What is the more important thing is coming up with the core messages that you are trying to communicate to your target market before the visual elements come into play? You’ll probably come up with tons of ideas but eventually, you want to make it concise, focus, and clear so that the final presentation is something that the target consumer can understand and identify with.

As you can imagine, the process of rebranding or even creating a new brand image to design a visual brand presentation is quite challenging. It takes a lot of research into the marketplace, competition, and company that is undergoing the transformation to come up with a visual presentation that works. You’ll have to go through numerous iterations before you can really say you’ve come up with something considerably great.

Despite the challenge, visual branding is ultimately rewarding. It helps companies and big corporations communicate more effectively and create a scenario where the target market can identify with the design, and thus the company/corporation. There is a lot of art and science behind the process, so it’s best for organizations to work and collaborate with experienced creative firms rather than trying to about it themselves. The reason why is because branding can often be a hit or miss. You want to ensure that your ideas work in the real world.

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