Versions Definition


pronunciation: /vur·zhnz/

noun: version; plural noun: versions
verb version; 3rd person present: versions; past tense: versioned; past participle: versioned; gerund or present participle: versioning

Synonyms for versions: tales, renditions, variants, iterations, editions

Versions are subsequent variations of something. In the publishing versions can refer to editions, in the software engineering it suggests iterations so as in the product development and industrial design.

Versions Definition

Particular forms of something differing. In certain respects from earlier or other forms of the same type of thing. Forms or variants of an original.

  • Particular editions of books or other bodies of work.
  • Particular releases of computer software or apps.
  • Sequential Iterations of the original body of work.

Examples of versions in a Sentence

  1. We provided two different versions

  2. Latest versions are better.

  3. All versions are iterations of an original version.


In design, we keep iterating. Iterations are an important part of innovation. Iterative design is a specific methodology based on a cyclic process of versioning. The process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product. As successive versions or iterations of a design are implemented, changes and refinements are used to innovate. Based on the results of testing, the new versions of a design are made.