Digital PR Done Right

April 15, 2015In Framework3 Minutes

With the technological shift and ease of use in finding all that we need online – the world of media relations and the art of the press release have drastically changed shape right before our eyes. Digital PR is now a thriving business segment and an integral part of marketing strategy with specific relation to events, promotions and launch initiatives opening up a new reach to vast audiences that could normally not be reached through static print content. This new model of media relations borrows from multiple platforms of digital marketing including content strategy, social media and SEO.

The most effective tool in getting fresh and appealing content to populate for SEO, whether paid or organic, is with the use of the digital press release. The press release as we know it remains the hallmark of the media relations sphere – and the basic elements endure –  but critical steps must now be taken to optimize content and messaging for the digital landscape.

Relative to content, begin with the traditional format of a press release to establish clear messaging. Keywords must be integrated to optimize for SEO – tagging for the audience for which is being targeted. Tap into the analytics of the relevant site to use the words that users search for most, providing they are appropriate to the content being delivered. Weave these searched words into the crafted release. Post the press release in SEO readable form on the site affiliated and repurpose images, content and videos across all social media outlets.

As with a business plan or launch strategy, identify the media outlets bloggers and organizations that would be affiliated or will find the content useful and position to the right audience. This is where a more traditional, grass roots approach comes into play. It may be simple to find the aligned associations, but the outreach may still need to be via individual email which means knowing someone, connecting on linked in or culling the site for the right email. Craft and provide story ideas and angles that they will find interesting, making it easier for them to write about the pitched content.

In addition to a release to all targeted outlets, broadcast portions of the press release continually across social media platforms and via blog, with specific attention to the target audience, using appropriate hashtags and joining relevant groups. Don’t be afraid to share – this is, of course, a media push.

Initiating a digital press release strategy and following these few guidelines will ensure the ear of a larger, sustained and more relevant audience resulting in greater impact and conversion for the activity being promoted.