Know Your Options

October 16, 2014In Framework4 Minutes

When brainstorming about your new web design, a company must carefully consider all possible options before agreeing on a type of firm or creative agency. 

Since implementing new projects can be a daunting process, a business must diligently research within the industry, carefully selecting the ideal team or individual that can help it attain its goals.

Quality web design starts with an approach focusing on what the client needs and wants. Creating unforgettable websites involves more than basic coding knowledge and an eye for color combinations options. Whether it is an individual or an agency, designers must have full understanding of company branding strategy and elements as well as what the client needs from their site in order to grow their business.

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There are a few key differences between hiring a creative agency or a freelancer, and while they may seem like similar methods, they are quite different. Here are some fundamental aspects that separate the two – facts to keep in mind when looking to make the most informed decision and options for your organization.


Great for minor graphic design work, it may be a smart idea to approach a freelancer simply due to the simplicity of the project you are designing. While few freelancers have all of the necessary skills to cover a wide and encompassing project, they do tend to specialize in definitive areas that can make them an ideal candidate to add to your team. They are often knowledgable in protocol and can know specialized techniques based on their own experience. If a small organization is looking to save on cost, they could consider a freelancer if the project in question is a small one.

Understanding branding part, as well as the company mission, values and the allotted budget all go into the approach and creative process before a line of code is ever written. As long as a company is making an informed decision about their freelancer (not only looking to save on cost), this route can be a helpful one.


Creative agencies typically have more resources to focus on your project’s goals. While not necessarily being the best option for every organization, agencies may assign various team members to different parts of the project, and are more likely to achieve an overall accomplished result.

They will commonly go through testing for optimal performance, another process that may take more time and resources than a freelancing individual may have. This makes creative agencies a more ideal choice for those looking to implement an intense, large or cross-platform project.

Both freelancers and agencies can have the experience and expertise to assist you in your web design efforts. Companies searching for someone to help them build large or small projects are highly advised to take time in researching the best option to suit their needs. Ensure that the team or individual that you choose to work with are creative, communicative and dedicated people with a strong vested interest in working with you and projecting your organization’s unique voice.

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