Designing Your Users Experience

September 16, 2014In Interaction, Framework4 Minutes

Before starting any new projects or designing an entirely new site, observe your existing website – does it even need tweaking? If your site already performs well, then changing it will only be a waste of time and may even hinder the current, working user experience. Simply focusing on creating a better environment for the user instead could drastically improve its effect.

Any individual’s experience with your company has a huge effect on your brand. A several-minute impression will affect whether or not they would come back to make a purchase or connection in the future, share your site with their network, or even be motivated to communicate with you further. Therefore, user experience and user interface design are of utmost importance!

The process of UI design can be challenging – and the amount of work that it entails can seem daunting. Try breaking up the process into smaller, more clear and easily attainable steps.

First, start by analyzing and determining who your target users are, and the end goal of your site or app. Make sure this is filtered down to the last detail, so that there is no confusion on how to proceed – otherwise, the process may have to begin all over again.

Designers collaborating on user experience

Next steps? Sit down with your team and brainstorm – think of ideas on how to create a unique and impressive user experience. Let the ideas fly, build off each other’s creativity. The ideas are then translated into a visual structure built to embody a full, engaging and organized experience. Work with technology experts to ensure that the final picture is complete and to your specifications (investing in this from the start will save you time and resources in the future).

In order to deliver a great user experience, a company must shape their site and apps in an organized, clean, understandable and aesthetically pleasing way. Considering that the actual visual design could encompass graphic overlay, fonts, colors, and web buttons (to name a few), all of these features help to determine the uniqueness of your product and help you harmonize your vision with your ideal brand image.

While the amount of work to create the ideal user experience is large, it is worth the great experience and design interaction. The process is a dynamic one, where you have to constantly update test results and feedback to change your UI’s design and structure. Therefore, approaching a web design firm in the beginning of your app-designing process could be a critical component in the success of your site.

Even if your app idea is great, you have to encourage users to actually use it and continue using it. A successful app is a combination of a great idea, great UX and a great UI. So don’t let your user interface get in the way of launching a successful app and don’t waste your time taking on this challenging project yourself – obtain assistance from a professional, creative web design team.

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