Infusing Your Culture Into Your Web Design

October 28, 2014In Interaction, Framework3 Minutes

Looking to make your web design unique, memorable, and aesthetically pleasing? To truly make your website or brand stand out in your audience’s eyes, make sure that you are infusing your corporate culture into your web design.

There are countless websites and designs in every industry. What truly makes an organization stand out is when its brand is relatable, feeling almost human to viewers. Once that style permeates into a company’s design process, it infuses the brand with a unique and identifiable spirit that people are naturally drawn to – interacting with a human is much more pleasant that a robotic and aloof site.

Individuals respond to passion – when you show that your company mission and culture are fully infused into your web design, viewers will more easily relate to your brand and what it stands for. If there is no spirit, then the dedicated and strived-for goal will not be reached. Deeply and subconsciously, humans respond to warmth and drive when they perceive it in others and will internalize messages given with that excitement.

Desktop displaying web design

Creating an initial welcoming impression, drawing your users in, and inspiring them to want to make a connection with your web design. To achieve this ideal state, run your site and its content through multiple stages of editing, so as to maintain clarity throughout all platforms.

Be confident in your company’s value – once you are steady in that assertion, you can begin to build your brand’s story and associate a specific message to the project with clients and users. The best way to rise above others in your industry involves focusing on your vision and embracing it, clearly, concisely, and with dedication.

By incorporating visual storytelling into your strategy, brands may more easily develop an audience that understands the core value of the brand and will want to be a part of it. Building a true and devoted audience, step by step, not only increases brand loyalty but will boost a team’s self-assurance and confidence while enabling them to remain positive. When there is that mutual connection, the audience’s encouragement will fuel greater productivity and optimism from the design team and organization. The cycle of creativity and connection is thereby unending with web design!

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