Web Design For Startup Companies

October 17, 2013In Web4 Minutes

Startups have a unique opportunity thanks to the internet. While major brands in a particular market will always have an advantage in regards to exposure, a startup with a unique approach, creative brand and quality products and services can come quite close to leveling the playing field.

The internet being what it is, most will only see a startup as being as good as its website. For startups, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few of the essential considerations for startups companies considering whether to choose a digital agency to handle their web design needs.

Keep Pace With Internet Trends

The internet has undergone profound changes in the last several years. Computers have become less common and have been replaced with smartphones and tablets. Browsers are better able to handle multimedia and lightning-fast internet speeds tie the online experience together.

A startup needs to take this into account with an attractive design built on clean and efficient code that will also respond to various screen sizes to ensure screen sizes and devices of all types are given the same or similar experiences.

Getting Found Among A Growing Number Of Competitors

Standing out online is getting more difficult by the day. The low barrier to entry has resulted in a huge number of new websites being launched every day. Startups need to have a plan to be found through search due to the huge volume of traffic run through search engines like Google and Bing.

Developing a strategy for search engine optimization is a must, and the design of a website plays a significant role. Clean code that loads the site quickly, emphasizes titles through proper “h tags,” and charges elements in the correct order is a must.

Getting found in search is not overly difficult if a site is laid out and coded properly.

Management of Content and Workflows

Average internet users usually do not realize that the majority of websites are built on a content management system of some type. Some are geared for e-commerce, while others are better suited to the posting of articles and multimedia files. Regardless, choosing the correct content management system is an important point that deserves careful consideration.

Your creative digital agency can set you up with than a couple of different ones, each system on subdomains that serve different purposes, all while maintaining consistency in a site’s design. In some cases, this is a must, though it does require more work and training for staff who work on the website.

Finally, Looks

Lastly, startups need to ensure that their websites have the proper design to fit their market. Sites need to look like they belong when compared to their competitors. Being unique is important, but there is a fine line between unique and out of place.


Startups have a lot to consider when launching their websites. Making use of digital agencies can help to smooth the process of web development and leave time and resources for other tasks of even greater importance.

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