Web Design: The Most Important Part Of Your Marketing Plan

August 5, 2013In Web3 Minutes

There is a huge issue in online marketing that is rarely discussed. Often, marketers will focus on copywriting, video creation, infographics, search engine optimization, social media engagement, and product creation. All of these are important, but the one forgotten element in web design is a cognitive connection to marketing efforts.

Why Web Design Is The Most Important Part Of Your Marketing Plan

The average internet user has his or her attention pulled in a number of directions. In between looking at videos on YouTube, scanning social media, and checking their email, they also look things up on websites.

They may find them through social media or search engines, which can both impact their behavior once they land on a website, but more than anything, user behavior is impacted by design.

A well-designed website impacts the level of trust that a new visitor is willing to give more than nearly anything else.

How This Works

A design that has red flags like too many banner ads, pop-ups, small text, slow load times, boring or generic design, or has non-existent search functions is unlikely to perform well. None of this exhibits professionalism or a commitment to doing the so-called little things right.

Web Design Impacts Branding Before Content

Although discounted somewhat to start this article, content is indeed very important. It is how businesses generate buzz and off-site engagement. However, none of that happens without a well-designed website.

Sites need to be designed in such a way that they establish consistency for a brand everywhere it may be seen. Sites need to match social media profiles, the design of brick and mortar locations if they have them, and they need to establish what a business is about quickly.

What To Do

A site that has any of the problems listed above should first take steps to remove them. Starting with a blank slate is better than trying to go through each problem one by one. Taking the whole site apart and starting over, while leaving content and other important elements in place, is often the best course of action.

Start with brand consistency. Get social media and other web and brick and mortar properties coordinated with one another. After that, focus on design elements like typography and other ways to present and find content.

Watch Business Grow

It can be difficult to believe, but taking the time to get a web design done correctly is a great investment and an essential part of your marketing plan. It establishes trust and authority that cannot be earned in other ways.

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