How Digital Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing

July 23, 2013In Branding3 Minutes

Companies that have the marketing strategy firmly rooted in traditional marketing often think that digital marketing is simply taking the traditional approach to digital platforms. In truth, digital marketing is very different from traditional marketing. It is a more intricate process than the traditional approach.

One of the biggest noticeable difference between the two is that digital is far faster and scientific than traditional marketing. You can use a wide range of platforms and launch a campaign within minutes if you really wanted to. You can also get data on how the campaign is performing and overall ROI in real-time by using any of the many online analytics tools that are available.

Preparing a digital campaign is also a totally different beast. One thing to mention right off the bat is that there is a lot more research involved because you have more control over your campaigns. For example, if you’re advertising on a pay per click platform, you can control everything from ads, time of day, geolocation, to the daily budget. A traditional marketing campaign doesn’t really give as many choices.

It should be pointed out that the online and mobile arena is mostly fueled by digital-only companies. There are some business models that are using strategies that can only be used in the digital medium. For example, SaaS companies that only market online uses free accounts, trial offers, and limited full access to convert leads into customers. These strategies are very effective because the offer is valuable and prospects realize the full value of what they’re purchasing before they purchase.

Service-oriented startups also have a huge advantage in the digital world. With all the communication tools that are available online, they can do without a physical location and eliminate the biggest overhead. Traditional companies depend on a physical location while digital-only companies don’t. Just think about the advantage that an online tutoring service done via webcam has over a tutoring center.

Overall, digital marketing is more versatile and offers more control for marketers. Even branding in the digital world is different compared to traditional branding. Companies are using community, valuable content and social media to build a brand rather than plastering their company name in as many places as possible.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing shouldn’t be abandoned. The message to take away is that companies that have experience with most traditional marketing should embrace the digital medium. They should understand all the advantages it offers and they should use those advantages as much as possible.

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