Are Microinteractions Affecting User Experience

June 23, 2015In Collective2 Minutes

They say design is in the details, and nowhere does this adage hold more than in the process of crafting an interface. Embarking on the massive undertaking of designing, building and delivering what is essential in today’s digital world – a brand’s calling card – can be a tense process. Interface design for a site redesign can be challenging, requiring multiple stakeholders and levels of interaction throughout the project’s lifecycle. Even for the best of designers, developers and project managers—details can get lost—but it is within these details that the heart of the optimal user experience resides, and it is an essential task to ensure they are not missed.

One such detail that can be easily overlooked is the concept of Microinteractions. Microinteractions are user interface elements that require minimal user input but greatly impact user experience design and overall usability. Microinteractions drive response and result in an improved overall user experience, ultimately enabling users to interact more effectively with the product or service at hand. Microinteractions can be seen in everyday use cases such as:

– Online forms – Microinteractions help to ensure that user data is entered accurately and quickly, reducing the burden of manual corrective steps.

– Mobile applications – Microinteractions enable users to easily access their favorite app while also providing seamless navigation to other areas.

– Email – Microinteractions allow users to quickly and easily unsubscribe from emails or modify email preferences for better personalization of the user experience.

Microinteractions are everywhere when it comes to User Interface Design and User Experience Design, yet they often go unnoticed and unappreciated by the user. By considering Microinteractions in the design process, developers can create an intuitive and engaging user experience that provides value to users and strengthens a product’s overall usability.

The importance of Microinteractions should never be underestimated – when used effectively, they can drastically improve the user experience of a website or web application.

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