Formulaic & Organic Innovation

September 10, 2015In Collective, Versions, Innovation1 Minutes

Hand in hand with importance of quick action to the marketplace is the goal of creating a culture of ‘constant innovation’. We’ve all heard the mantra, evangelized by both behemoth and startup organizations. While being able to react to the market is critical, it’s important to avoid reactionary tactics which can turn a project sour in no time. The same can be said of innovation culture; if we are constantly responding to the need to churn out and deliver innovative ideas, can they remain truly influential? Or is true innovation found only through an organic process?

Creatives shudder at the thought of being tied down to a formula to create something beautiful or impactful. ‘Formula’ itself does indeed feel mathematical, and references a fixed or conventional way of doing something, which to a maker can be tantamount to certain death. The trick is to find the balanced creative medium that allows for a strategy while allowing free reign of individual creative expression.

In reality, the notion of a formula can be immensely productive – while immersed in the design process, it can be easy to lose sight of the end goals. Moreover, countless organizations, agencies and visionaries have adopted varying and abounding formulaic strategies to inspire their most prolific work. Absorbing, inspiring, evolving – innovating through organic development, working in tandem with a structured formula.

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