Is Your Brand Ready (Yet)?

December 11, 2014In Framework3 Minutes

In the current climate of immediate gratification and changing tastes, it’s more important than ever to bend but not break. Existing as a relevant, purposeful, innovative, conscious, inclusive, and self-aware brand has become prerequisite to thrive in the market. These are the qualities that will make people pause, listen and pay attention. Users demand a brand they can grow with, that earns their trust and makes them feel valued. People want to evolve with a brand whose content, products, and services help give their business or life meaning and significance.

To adapt to these rigors and subsequent changes, a brand must keep up with the pace of the marketplace. Organizations that have kept the same brand image for years must identify and understand the importance of the rebranding process. A creative agency can adapt your brand and its content to the current environment, as technology changes and dynamic trends transform design practices. Having content that reflects the twists and turns of industry trends will help your brand stay relevant and compelling. While it may seem cumbersome at the onset, the process infuses a renewed sense of excitement to those involved, and delivers increased brand awareness and a competitive edge when done right.

Two people collaborating on a brand strategy

While many companies feel intimidated to start a brand refresh, the reality is that it is an essential part of running a company. Having a strong partner (coupled with proficient content strategists) to help throughout the creative content process is one of the keys to successful refresh. Even the biggest companies in the world have evolved their identity to keep up with all the changes in their respective markets. Without rebranding and repositioning, their competitors would have taken their market share. In fact, there are many examples of brands that were too slow in changing their image and ended up suffering heavy financial consequences.

Brands that work their imagery within their content efficiently in the online world are ones with a modern and strong visual identity. If your company’s visual brand identity has a classic or dated feel, it’s the perfect time to undergo a refresh, starting with your content and visual branding. A creative design agency can help you come up with an identity that works with all mediums so that your brand is effective while being consistent.

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