How a Web Content Strategy Can Support Branding

April 27, 2015In Framework4 Minutes

Content marketing has come a long way over the last few years. It has taken some time for it to be accepted as a marketing strategy that can yield a positive ROI. In the beginning, a company would typically come up with a content strategy to support its SEO initiatives. But it’s becoming clear that it’s an immensely effective way to build a brand online.

There is a synergy between content, SEO, and branding. Content is often used to help websites get better positioning in search engines through incoming links. The content in itself would also win people over and get people to follow company blogs, social media platforms, and email newsletters. Companies could then leverage the audience on social media, email, and blogs to promote their brand.

There are great examples of content carrying the torch for the brand. One outstanding one is the Wine Library which delivers content in the form of video wine tastings. The unique concept supported by a strong personality has given the company a recognizable brand. The content quickly catapulted an unknown company to the spotlight and built a following of raving fans.

Person writing content with pen and paper

Of course, the strategy needs to be approached correctly. You really need to do your research and figure out what it is that your audience is interested in. By figuring out what topics to build content around, you can connect with your audience and deliver something of value to them. Sometimes the value is in the form of general information, entertainment, advice, or even news.

The challenge can sometimes lie in figuring out how to position your strategy. Many have used personal branding to tap into an audience, but not everyone is comfortable about being in the forefront of their brand. There are many other ways to position your content so that it is unique. You can create videos if your competitors aren’t doing so. You can deliver some kind of information that others in the industry is failing to report on. You can show case studies and real life examples for credibility. And so forth.

Don’t feel as though there is always pressure to create something unique. Sometimes it’s just about creating valuable web content that is relevant to the audience. With that said, a great way to make your content marketing stand out is to tell stories of either your customers or your products. Stories help people relate to you and make what you are trying to say believable.

Remember that people on the web are inundated with information. You want your content strategy to be about creating valuable content for the target audience as opposed to churning out hundreds of mediocre content. Your goal is to connect that content to your brand and if you want your brand to stand out, you have to put in the effort to get the message across that you’re worth the attention of the reader.