Working Programmatic Marketing Into A Current Digital Strategy

September 23, 2015In Marketing3 Minutes

The jury is still out on the true value and ROI of programmatic marketing. Still, the possibilities that it has to improve marketing efforts and efficiency through automation are hard to ignore. Significantly increasing campaign effectiveness through precise targeting and real-time analytics, adopting a programmatic marketing strategy requires care and thought in understanding all aspects of the needs of a business. All stakeholders involved in the implementation must be aware of the peaks and valleys that will inevitably be encountered.

It’s widely known that big brands have tapped into the powers of a programmatic approach. However, smaller brands and organizations have been slower to adopt the methodology because of resources and knowledge base. Tapping into the benefits of a programmatic strategy doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process to garner value beyond the buy.

Increased Agility

By streamlining processes by driving targeted consumers to the right information, organizations will see a higher return for their efforts and faster conversions. By improving the targeting approach, results will be sharper and more accurate – allowing the company to respond in an engaging way with the user in less time for fewer resources used.

Deeper Connections

Content strategy is the name of the game. Providing meaningful, useful messing to the right audience is the best way to create the best user experience. But what if you have multiple audiences—as most companies do? A programmatic approach allows a creative team more time and energy to put into specific messaging directed toward the appropriate user. By introducing low-cost impressions to multiple audiences, a business can see what truly resonates, allowing a deeper focus on the user who is listening.

Audience Expansion

A brand can gain deeper exposure through a diversified outreach to multiple market segments. Often, a brand will continue to ‘do what works’ – attending the same trade shows and making the same calls for the same result. Market share immediately opens up by extending the messaging to a wider audience. A programmatic ad will be seen by thousands more on an Omni-device scale.

Uncover Hidden Data

With constant developments in adaptive and predictive analytics, marketers can clearly understand what works, who is listening and how much effort should be placed where. These analytic approaches provide a top-level approach that must be sifted through and deciphered to make responsive strategic moves. Through programmatic, these analyses don’t have to be chosen. They can all be funneled through to uncover what is resonating and what needs to be refined. This allows for a deeply personalized approach, creating the value and message consumers require today.

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