VERSIONS® collective, a R&D arm of ArtVerision®, is committed to disseminating UI/UX research and innovative practices through our carefully curated selection of papers.

By collaborating with a diverse array of industry experts, researchers, and practitioners, VERSIONS® ensures that each published paper offers valuable insights and practical knowledge for both novice and experienced designers.

These papers encompass a wide range of topics, from new design methodologies and user-centric approaches to the latest technological advancements and design trends shaping the UX/UI landscape.

Our published articles are dedicated to the design and the language of design. VERSIONS focuses on elaborating and consolidating information about design as a discipline in various forms. With historical theories, modern tools and available data — we study, analyze, examine and iterate on visual communication language, with a goal to document and contribute to industry advancements and individual innovation. With the available information, you can conclude practical sequences of action that may inspire you to practice design disciplines in current digital and print ecosystems with version-focused methodologies that promote iterative innovations.