Creative Agency: How to Select an Agency and Best Utilize the Talent

February 9, 2015In Marketing, Agency, Research4 Minutes

Do you feel that it’s time for your organization or company to find a creative agency? One of the challenges of how to select an agency is that there seems to be an abundant amount of candidates that seem to fit the role. Of course, you’re probably already aware that there’s more to an agency than what’s presented to you on the surface. So here are some tips on finding the right agency for you and make the most out of their team.

First, look for expertise. There are many agencies that can design you a great-looking website and if you’re only looking for that, the process will be easy. However, there are other things that may be important to you. For example, if you want to provide the best possible user experience on your website (UX design), you need to go with an agency that has an extensive amount of experience in designing from that angle. If you need an agency that can create seamless responsive sites for complex sites, the same concept applies.

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Second, make sure they walk the talk. There are many examples that preach about their ability to deliver specific services when they don’t apply their expertise to their own business. A good example would be a SEO firm promising you SEO optimization services but failing to properly optimize their own website. When you come across these situations, look at it as a big red flag and kindly decline their offer so that you can look for firms that practice what they preach.

Third, test out the chemistry. Don’t be afraid to talk about your project extensively with the lead project manager before signing a contract. See how that feels so that you can discern if there are any personality or creative conflicts that can hurt the project. You should also try to talk to critical team members to get advice, opinions and impressions of their skills and knowledge. If anything, you can start with a small project before you make the big commitment so that you have a clear idea of what to expect.

Finally, ask for relevant references. Don’t just ask for references. Ask the agency to provide you with a reference where the client had a similar project done. Just because an agency has a portfolio of successful branding initiatives doesn’t mean that they can help your blog become successful. The best part of relevant references is that you can ask their past clients to break down the process for you so that you can see if their process aligns with what your goals for the project.

And if you want to best utilize the talent, it’s best to seek a collaborative firm. A collaborative firm will work with you through the entire process rather than just coming back to you for approval on important milestones. You’ll also be able to talk and work with members of the team rather than dealing solely with the project manager. It’s also key to work with firms that are very communicative and not bureaucratic with their clients.

Those are some solid tips to find the right agency and be put in a position where you can maximize the agency’s talent. It’s not easy to find an agency that has all the qualities mentioned in this article, but it will be worth the time to find one has them as it will result in a world’s difference for your project.