The Importance of Web Usability Testing

May 15, 2015In Usability3 Minutes

Web usability testing is one of the most important aspects of a website; however often in corporate environments, it is one of the least understood aspects of content optimization. Although UI/UX is an integral part of site design and architecture, there are few people who truly understand it enough to make it an integral part of the layout right from the start.

Here are just a few of the advantages of including UI/UX in the testing and planning of your website from the very beginning of its inception.

Person holding post-it note with words run web usability testing

You will create better SEO from the beginning of your online presence

Search engine optimization usually takes quite a while to affect a website’s presence on the Internet. However, incorporating web usability testing into the framework of a website will speed up this process immeasurably. It is well known that the major search engines place a premium on sites that have low bounce rates and high click-through rates, in depth canonical pages, mobile and responsive interfaces etc. Creating a site that people enjoy going to will only help these statistics, thereby improving the overall search engine ranking of the site and most importantly user experince.

Your site will increase its conversion rate

People like to be led directly into the solutions for their problems or questions they are seeking. If your site has a high usability rating, it usually means that you have streamlined it to the point where no one will get lost. Everyone will be able to make a final decision the very first time that they take your sales tour – either they believe that your products can help them or they do not. This kind of clarity will improve your conversion rates and allow you to narrow down the marketing that you do. You will be able to focus on the people who are actually likely to make a purchase from you, saving you a great deal of money in the process.

You will have an instant advantage over your competition in the mobile world

While your competitors will be trying to catch up in the new and incredibly profitable world of mobile marketing, you will be on the cutting edge, gathering an unassailable market positioning that will hold your market share stable for years to come.

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