White Paper Design Makes All the Difference

February 1, 2014In Agency, Marketing, Concepts4 Minutes

Your white paper can be one of the most powerful selling tools for your products and services. But nothing can kill sales faster than a poorly designed white paper. It doesn’t matter how valuable the information and message are. If people are put off by design or have difficulty reading the content, your white paper will end up in the recycling bin.

White Paper Design Examples
White Paper Design Examples

Many elements of white paper design contribute to its effectiveness. The most obvious one you’ll notice right away is the cover. You want to convey value right from the beginning with a great title, cover image, and a message that conveys more to the white paper than the title. The visual presentation is the first thing the reader will see, so you want to ensure you create the right first impression.

Then there’s the layout. Many companies understand that the cover is important and will do a great job coming up with an attractive one, but many fail at the layout. Your layout is the foundation of your white paper. It will set the pace for the content, affect the white paper’s readability, and create the positioning for your most important points.

White Paper Design Example
White Paper Design Example

The graphics are also a big part of the white paper design. Placing graphics in the right areas of your white paper will greatly impact and enhance your message. They can also support your most important points and draw the eye so that the reader continues progressing to the rest of the white paper. You’ll also want to weave in your company or brand’s identity so that you distinguish your white paper from the generic ones in your industry.

It’s also more than just “design.” The organization of how the content is organized will make a big difference in the white paper’s effectiveness, much like a sales presentation. You can say it’s almost like architecting your message in a way that makes the most sense and conveys the most value to the reader. Everything from the proper introduction to the call to action needs to be done so that it’s intuitive to the reader.

If you already have a white paper that hasn’t taken off or you’re thinking of creating a white paper for your company in the near future, you need to make design a strong consideration. Some companies have invested thousands of dollars on white papers for a return of five to ten times the investment, so there’s no question that white papers are effective. The big issue is whether the white paper effectively did its job.

White Paper Design Example
White Paper Design Example

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