Branding and Photography Mistakes Companies Make

March 24, 2015In Branding4 Minutes

Corporate photography has a huge role in helping companies create the right impression with their brand. Images can communicate on both an implicit and explicit level very quickly, so it’s a good idea to use them to support your brand message and identity. However, companies seem to make many mistakes when it comes to using photography in their branding efforts. Here are five common ones you should be aware of.

Mistake #1: Choosing photos that are not aligned with your brand

It’s not uncommon for designers to use a photo just because it seems to fit. You obviously should want a great looking photo, but it needs to be aligned with your brand. A good example is a company selling fun educational toys for young children. While using a picture of a focused child wearing a graduating college cap may seem like a good fit, it is not aligned with a brand of fun educational toys. A photo of a child having fun learning would be a representation of the company culture and identity.

Mistake #2: Focusing too much on the aesthetics and not the story

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to branding, you want your picture to mean as few words as possible. Companies often use photos to make their visual presentation look more aesthetic. They try create the perception of a professional culture when the focus should be on using photography that supports the brand identity.

Mistake #3: Too many inconsistencies in the visual presentation

Corporate photography can confuse your audience if there are too many inconsistencies. For example, a clash between the color scheme of a website’s design and the photography gives off the impression that something’s a little off. Using high-class photos of your products when your brand is about appealing to the average consumer can feel dishonest. The lesson is that you want the photography to be consistent with the overall visual presentation and identity of your brand. Inconsistencies with photos will only serve to detract from your brand rather than enhance it.

Mistake #4: Not using photos that specifically support your message

You need to make sure your photo supports your message explicitly. For example, if you’re trying to tell your audience that you’re selling a supplement made from all-natural ingredients, don’t use generic photos of ingredients or nature. Instead, support your message by showing pictures of the farm. Places where you get those ingredients from. Even photos that reveal the process of how natural products are turned into the supplements.

Mistake #5: Using photos that are similar to what other companies are using

It’s not uncommon for companies to use the same kinds of imagery in their websites and communications. Copying what other companies are doing only serves to create the perception that you’re no different. If you are trying to use photography to present your brand, you need to move away from the pack. Find out what’s typical in your industry and try to come up with a visual presentation that’s unique to your brand.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash