What Companies Are Doing to Promote Their Brands on the Web

June 25, 2020In Design, Branding, Web4 Minutes

One of the best things about branding on the web is the number of options and tools available. There is a myriad of ways to reach out to users and target audience.

If you just started a branding campaign, likely you haven’t even scratched the surface as to what can be done. Here are some brand strategies that companies are using with great success.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Using transparency to build trust

Most brands decide to keep their customers in the dark. However, using transparency can be immensely beneficial to a brand. Some companies are sharing everything from how their products are made, what quality control measures are being taken, what ethical measures are being met, etc. The point is not to unveil trade secrets but to pinpoint an issue that your audience has suspicions about in your industry and show how your company does things differently.

Creating a unique brand experience

People become fans of the brand if a positive impression is left onto them. Rather than wait for them to purchase your products/services and use them, wouldn’t it be a better idea to construct a powerful experience. Many companies are creating a brand experience from the very beginning to the very end. Prospects are presented with engaging content, users are given unique advantages for being customers, and there’s a lot of emphasis being put on web design for the optimal brand presentation. If you want to leave a great impression, take the initiative and design an experience your audience won’t forget.

One of the best ways to come up with content is to tap into your brand advocates. By paying attention to the conversations about your brand, you’ll be able to find opportunities to tell a unique customer story, create a marketing event, and even motivate prospects to invest in your brand. Your fans are providing all the resources. It’s just a matter of connecting the dots and coming up with something sure to generate buzz about your brand.

BRANDs on social media

Most companies today have social media profiles, but very few go the extra mile to interact with their followers. By answering questions, responding to comments, and even addressing problems through a social media personality (or staff), companies can develop a relationship with their audience. It seems more like the brand is a person that the audience can trust as opposed to a faceless entity. It also shows that your brand cares about its customers and isn’t one of those companies that only make announcements on social media when it’s time to promote.

Using visual content

As a general rule, it’s easier for people to process and “digest” images than text, reading entire blocks or paragraphs, in front of their screen. Visual content draws attention, is very engaging, and easier to consume. That’s why companies have been focusing on using visual content to promote their brands. The types of content include infographics, videos, images, and interactive web design. If you’re doing any kind of content marketing, you should place more emphasis on developing visual content for your campaigns.