Is It Time for a Visual Brand Refresh?

June 27, 2020In Design, Branding4 Minutes

As you know, a company’s visual presentation speaks volumes about the brand. It doesn’t convey everything about the brand but it’s obviously the first thing that a person recognizes. So if you feel like your visual presentation doesn’t seem to hit the mark as it used to, it might be time to go through a visual brand refresh. With that said, you probably want to make sure that you’re making the right decision. Here are some cues that indicate a revamping is needed.

The Colors Seems Dull?

If the colors in the logo and presentation seem dull, then it probably is. You want the colors to lift the eyes, not take the backseat on a website, catalog, print ad, etc. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to change the colors that you’ve been using in your visual brand identity. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing the shade of the color, making the colors bolder, or presenting the color scheme in a different way.

The Overall Look Seems Dated?

If the presentation seems like it’s something that you would expect from a corporate firm decades ago, then it’s likely that the look is dated. You want the audience to feel like your company is on the cutting edge, not a company that’s struggling to keep up. You don’t have to change the core of the brand identity. All that may be needed is a modernization of the existing look. Companies like IBM, Xerox, and BMW have modernized their logo over the years without eliminating their brand equity.

The Identity Doesn’t Seem to Fit the Digital Age?

Sometimes the brand identity isn’t too problematic, but it just looks like it doesn’t have a place in the digital world. A good example is when a logo looks modern but is too intricate. It may need to be revised so that it looks more succinct in the digital world. You have to understand that users have a shorter attention span online. To make your branding stand out, you need to quickly and clearly communicate what your brand is all about.

The Visual Brand Seems to Lack Purpose

Many companies have a brand identity that doesn’t really offer them much brand equity. It doesn’t convey a unique advantage of the company nor convey a meaningful message. This is the classic case of when a brand refresh is a good idea. To get most out of your branding efforts, your brand needs to stand for something and be unique to the eyes of the target audience. This usually calls for a far bigger project due to the fact that there needs to be a lot of work done to discover the unique advantages and core identity of the brand.

So does your company fit any of these scenarios? If so, then it’s likely that your visual brand identity is in need of an overhaul. Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be a drawn-out process. All you may need are some simple edits in your font and color scheme to improve your brand’s visual presentation. The only way to find out for sure is to consult with a firm that specializes in branding and design. So save yourself of costly mistakes by going with a professional firm rather than trying to figure it out yourself.

Photo by Roman Pohorecki from Pexels