Why Graphic Design Is The Most Important Part of Your Marketing Efforts

July 31, 2013In Design, Branding4 Minutes

When it comes to creating a marketing campaign, most marketers already know that graphic design is the centerpiece of the campaign’s success. Furthermore, the visual elements can literally make the campaign and bring in the kind of results your company is aiming towards and can be proud of.

In this post, I will try to cover a couple of points why the graphics are crucial in any company marketing efforts and the difference in doing it in-house vs hiring a professional designer or a creative agency to help with graphics used in a campaign.

To help prove a point, let’s look at the role graphic design plays in a branding campaign, an average marketing campaign and even internal company communications. In a branding campaign, most of the focus will be on the visual elements. The visual elements will help frame your brand’s message while also attracting attention to your ads and marketing pieces. Typography in the ad and hierarchy in font sizes bring attention to elements of choice.

If the design doesn’t represent or match a marketing message, the impact will be lost. For example, a company that sells organic food products would use graphical representations of nature, foods in their original form, and health to convey its brand’s message and brand’s promise. The same message that’s heavy on text with limited visual elements wouldn’t do a very good job representing the company’s brand or communicating with the target audience.

In a marketing campaign, the design has a huge impact on the campaign’s profitability. Design is what directly responsible for getting the attention of your audience and drawing them to read your ad or marketing piece in the first place. Testing different graphic layouts can also produce big lifts in conversion for both offline and online marketing campaigns. To say that the design element of a marketing campaign shouldn’t be stressed over too much is a big mistake.

Visual branding also comes into play with internal company communication. Part of creating a company culture is getting the employees to understand your brand and the message behind it. Communicating the right visual elements will help keep employees stay on track with all types of tasks from interacting with customers, developing an ad, to set up partnership deals.

As we can see, graphic design plays a huge role in marketing. Ignoring its importance will yield limited results because the impact of the marketing message is lost without the corresponding visual elements that support it. Remember, graphic designers, are more than artists. We understand that a big part of our job is to communicate your message through designs, and not just making your marketing piece visually appealing, but rather purposefully made and memorizable. Graphic designers are creative problem solvers; we know that a picture is worth a thousand words and we know how to make that picture correctly.