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In responding to the marketplace, its users and the demands of a brand itself, it is important to take thoughtful action rather than employ reactionary tactics. The need to act quickly may be taken as an excuse for reactive behavior and although seen as clever, almost always tends to fall flat with consumers.

Even if a brand understands its mission and voice like the back of its hand, if reaction is applied on a continual basis it will find itself moving away from its core purpose, thus diluting the message over time. The outside environment, while incredibly vital to keep a pulse on, can begin to govern the brand serving it. Along with a strong sense of being, an organization must keep an insightful eye on the market, as this is the main driving force in sparking both incremental and breakthrough innovations.

Further, while the application of reaction may be seen as an agile marketing approach, the level of activity can deliver a low ROI. If not managed properly, a great deal of manpower is turned out to a result of minimal impact. Ideally, an organization that is able to respond quickly to environmental changes and capitalize on them while keeping its brand message intact and relevant will create marketing alchemy.

Managing social media snafu, engaging in consumer insights, or leveraging a marketplace opportunity – successful brands will rise as those who recognize the changes that are occurring and take the strategic action to capitalize on their instincts. Beyond the response or reaction to the external environment, the driving force should be the high-level vision and strategic plan, providing the roadmap as to what responsive actions must be taken.

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