Interactive Agency Expanding Their Offering to Mobile App Development

May 4, 2016In Development, Framework5 Minutes

ArtVersion, a leading creative agency located in Chicago, is announcing that the company is expanding its services to offer mobile app development, development for native mobile apps for iOS and Android, and web app development and digital publishing. ArtVersion is already well known for its User Interface and User Experience Design work and is taking its specialized knowledge in these areas to help companies create winning apps.

The number of people who own smartphones have jumped from 35 percent to 56 percent in the last two years alone. People are using their phones to browse the web, use mobile apps, and communicate with their network instantaneously. This trend has opened up new opportunities and a new marketing channel for companies regardless of the marketplace and industry they belong to.

The app marketplace has boomed and there have been numerous stories of companies going from zero to millions from creating a hit app. Companies are also using mobile apps for all kinds of purposes from generating online sales, communicating with their audience, studying prospect behavior, and generating buzz about their products and services. There are very few limits to what companies can do with their own mobile app.

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As great as all these sound, many companies are failing with their apps due to poor design. “While most of the focus is placed on the functionalities and features of mobile apps, the other part of what makes an app successful is the design. The design brings the functionalities and features together in a way that results in users understanding how to use the mobile app, getting value from the mobile app, and wanting to continue using the app,” according to ArtVersion Creative Agency founder Goran Paun.

When apps are designed with a poor user interface and result in a poor user experience, the results are devastating. This can lead to the failure of the app as it will start generating negative reviews in the app marketplace, which often results in bad press, a negative reputation, and sharp decrease in sales or downloads. Some software development firms are great at the technical aspects of creating mobile apps but lack the design knowledge to create a truly outstanding app that wins the vote of the users.

ArtVersion’s design expertise and experience is what will help distinguish the company’s work from other developers. There is a heavy emphasis in presentation, graphic design, content progression, branding, user interface design, and user experience. The ArtVersion team composes of experts in each area so that they can deliver the best within each skill set. As a result, they’ve been able to develop apps that not only looks good, but feel good to users.

ArtVersion creative agency is also working with businesses that already have an idea or the foundations built for their mobile app but need help with its design. The company’s team can take on everything from wireframing, and prototyping, to UI/UX design. The team is dedicated to making sure that the app is designed and organized correctly so that the mobile app development phase can be entered with confidence.

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“We saw that companies that sought app development were working with development firms were capable of developing solid apps but lacked the skills to design a great mobile app. Many of these companies that contracted these firms didn’t even understand the importance of design until it was too late.” It seems that the nature of the industry is the where the challenge lies.

“In a competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, you need to create apps that win over the users or you’ll get outshined by the competition. There are going to be apps that are similar to yours and if there aren’t any, there will be a couple of months down the line. You need to make sure you come out of the gate with an app that’s visually stunning, intuitive, valuable, and rewarding to use. We knew we had the qualifications to deliver on this and that’s why we decided to expand our services to mobile app development,“ said Goran Paun, ArtVersion’s principal creative director, and founder.

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