Magento eCommerce CMS and Its Benefits

August 20, 2014In Development, Framework, eCommerce4 Minutes

Choosing a content management system for your eCommerce store can be challenging. With all the choices you have available, it’s hard to really make a firm decision on which platform to go with. However, Magento eCommerce is one of the more popular platforms available and has distinct features that make it a solid choice. Here are some of the benefits this platform offers over others.

First, Magento has some of most advanced features that an eCommerce platform can offer. You can do everything from setting various levels of permission to users, use multiple payment options for your shopping carts, integrate your site with many third party services, and more. If you shop around for eCommerce solutions, you’ll find that they are lacking many of the advanced features you’re looking for. With Magento, you can put everything you want into one solution.

Second, Magento makes it easy to manage your eCommerce store. It’s easy to customize all aspects of your website, update your website without relying on tech support, and add new content to a growing site. You can also set up Magento to manage multiple eCommerce stores under one backend interface. This comes in handy for entrepreneurs or companies managing multiple stores across different markets. The “icing on the cake” is that Magento wirefreme allows for sites to be build using responsive design layouts.

Third, Magento offers many advanced SEO features that help you really get the most out of your campaign. For instance, you can easily change your URL so that your pages are SEO friendly. You can also manage the HTML of your pages by specific products, categories and groups. This includes everything from the title tag, description, keywords, to the h1 headings. These features help you save time, get more out of your promotions, and decrease your costs.

Fourth, Magento really takes security seriously. Depending on the version of the platform you get, it comes with a PA-DDS payment bridge to protect you. This is the kind of protection that financial institutions use to protect themselves from security threats. You can also set up various restrictions and additional security measures. There have been plenty of stories about eCommerce businesses getting their data stolen by hackers, making Magento a great choice if you’re a bigger organization.

Finally, there is an immense amount of support for the platform by the company (which has been bought out by eBay). If you have a team that’s building and managing your site, you can turn to their consulting services for expert advice. If you need custom Magento site development, you’ll be given a list of experience developers that can help you achieve your goals. There is also a huge community that you can tap into for apps, modules and templates to help you in your site’s development.

While Magento is an outstanding platform, you will still require custom Magento site development if you want to create a high quality eCommerce store. Every business has different needs and it will be difficult to get what you’re looking for from the freely available templates. The platform is far more difficult to develop than others if you have big ambitions for your eCommerce store. Building simple sites can be easy but at the end of the day, professional services are still highly recommended if you take eCommerce seriously.

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