Finding Your Inspiration

November 13, 2014In Ideas, Creativity, Concepts3 Minutes

Designing, writing, creating – finding inspiration in a busy workplace is difficult, even in the busiest of times. But how can you find those scraps of motivation in down times, boost up morale, and stay inspired? Humans need inspiration; it is addictive, and for a good reason – the encouragement that gets ideas moving, expands businesses, fosters creativity, and can unite a team to accomplish objectives.

Pay attention and take note of the next time you find something that inspires you or when you accomplish a goal. Being consciously aware of progress and improvement is a great incentive at its core – the key to self-motivation. Think about what inspired you in that goal, specifically. Finding the underlying and core reason that created the excitement will allow you to access that cache of motivation easily.

User interface design of the inspiration website
User interface design of the inspiration website

Surround yourself with people who inspire you or who share similar or complementary goals. Doing so fosters encouragement to share strategies, compare notes, and support one another as you strive toward that accomplishment. You can also try to have a project in the works at all times, not allowing yourself to become stagnant and keeping your mind active and alert.

Taking moments to stretch and leave your usual workspace can also get the creative juices flowing. Staying in the same space can leave your mind running in a routine and can push out new thoughts or ideas – it is easy to fall into a mundane routine. Breaking up your schedule and moving your chair or space to another part of the room can drastically improve your inspiration flow.

When a supervisor, coworker, or peer does something inspiring, verbally acknowledge them and extend praise. People appreciate that genuine connection and actual recognition for their hard work and accomplishments – by extending that warm gesture, you are encouraging them to be more inclined to praise you when you achieve your own goals. Listening to other people’s stories and successes (as well as hearing when they didn’t meet their goals but picked themselves up anyway) can drive you to pursue your own. Ensure that those goals are realistic and attainable – make sure that you are following your own dream.

These moments of motivation may not be obvious – retrace your steps if you find that your motivation is waning once more. Continue your learning process as well – take classes, grow, learn new ways of approaching your projects and techniques, and hone your skills. Doing so will perfect you into a better, more efficient worker, and you will accomplish your goals more easily and productively – and what better motivation is there than your own success?

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