Cognitive Fluency

September 2, 2015In Simplicity2 Minutes

Reinforced by the depth of work performed through strategy and design, a user can navigate through a brand’s message with ease via cognitive fluency. If the information has been presented in a way that relates to the consumer, then a conversion will be made. The idea of cognitive fluency refers to the ease and measure of which something is thought about and understood, shaping what one believes and buys into. This is an important aspect of metacognition, depicting perfectly the effective qualities of simplicity/minimalism.

Cognitive fluency has boundless benefits in the realm of communication, with great effect on content marketing resulting in a marked increase in engagement on a continual basis. The effective nature of cognitive fluency through written material by using small words, short sentences, familiar concepts, and clear typography (among other means) is vast. The resulting fluency often dramatically increases the message’s acceptability. Not only is it better understood, it is also met with affinity.

It should also be said that easy isn’t always better. The product of failed minimalism can result in a veiled attempt to communicate with a ‘dumbed down’ message for the masses. Though, when a mapped-out process is truly reflective of the subject at hand, the alchemy of strategy does its work. In looking at the evolution of technology, much of the material begins as inexplicably complex but must be translated and morphed into a deliverable that can and will operate without fail in the hands of any laymen. This methodology applied to an end user can be seen as the pinnacle of cognitive fluency in action.

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