Startups and UX

October 23, 2014In User Experience Design3 Minutes

A startup design. The new kid in school. Finding a true voice in a large and dynamic market is crucial in the early stages of your company’s branding process, in order to secure your place in viewers’ minds. Surround yourself with a driven and supportive team, who will push through the difficult moments (prevalent in any industry, for any agency) and start off purposefully and positively.

Make a unique brand based on company values and goals, showing how your exceptional qualities can benefit users as they interact with your website and products. Don’t be afraid to get creative and ask yourself some of the following questions: What makes your company unique? What motivates you to pursue your projects? What is important to you about your company vision? Observe other agencies in your industry and decide which practices your company most connects with.

Person designing their startup design

Build up an audience. Creating a relationship with your target users will show them that you value their feedback, which will in turn inspire them to volunteer ways that you can improve the UX. Since this process is formulated to benefit them, what better way to improve UX/UI than with comments and reactions from the users themselves? Seeing that their input is valuable to your company will boost positive associations with your brand (and build brand loyalty). Tip: Social media is a fantastic tool. Use it to interact with your audience and observe what they have to say about your brand. By creating an open forum where people are comfortable to express sincere opinions and questions, you will create genuine rapport and connection. Meet your audience halfway and they will assist you in optimizing your ideal strategy.

Once you have done the necessary (and often extensive) market research and have received responses from your users, you may consider making the needed tweaks and updates to your website or other platform. By conducting surveys, reaching out directly to consumers, or monitoring user activity, you can determine what specific changes must be made for optimal results for startup design. When reaching out, ensure that open-ended questions are asked, in order to truly understand what your customers are thinking (multiple choice or similar formats will limit the extent of your honest feedback).

Solidify your brand credibility by ensuring that you are up-to-date on the current best practices in UX/U and startup design. Updating content and making yourself available to answer any client questions will be valuable to your agency in the short and long term. Posting relevant and informative content will build that credibility and communicate your vision without pushing sales. Ultimately, have fun creating your brand and projecting it!

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