The Importance of Outstanding Annual Report Design

February 1, 2014In Design, Strategy3 Minutes

One of the best ways to build a positive reputation and strong outlook about your company in the eyes of the public, employees, potential business partners, and existing business owners is to publish annual reports. You can say a lot about the positive aspects of your company in your marketing and advertising but annual reports can sometimes be more appealing as it is based on real data that people can rely on. Some publicly traded companies are also regulated to distribute annual reports, so this is a good excuse to invest in a professionally designed one. Annual Report that will positively reflect not only numbers but overall goals and accomplishments.


While it’s true that your annual report may contain valuable information to your audience, the message can be lost if it’s not presented in a way that’s easy to consume. You can make a comparison to how nobody likes to read technical manuals and scientific studies. It’s proven that designed charts and graphs have better engagement results.

Like web design, annual report design is important as it will be one of the most influential factors in engaging people, keeping people engaged, and imparting a good impression of your company. Most annual report designs look boring and uninspiring and many companies that make the investment in publishing them do not even reap any benefits from their efforts. Some companies manage to create an attractive cover that gets people to pay attention but fail to engage and connect the rest of the way.

At ArtVersion, we’ve successfully delivered on many different design projects for our clients from web design, infographics, applications, to annual reports. We can help you create an annual report design that entices people to read from start to finish. Rather than focusing on facts and figures, we approach annual reports in a unique way.

We approach annual report design similar to the way we approach infographics. We’ll start by offering value so that people gain something out of reading the report. We’ll then use graphics, relevant images, and attractive charts so that your report is visually appealing while also being easy to consume. We may also frame your report around a story so that it is far more engaging than the far too common “here is what we did this year” report.

By presenting your annual report the right way, you’ll be able to effectively provide your company’s financial strengths, highlight the year’s achievements, convey a positive future for your company, and promote your company based on strong data. So whether you want to appeal to the shareholders, board of directors, or the general public, you need to make design a priority in your annual report.

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