Web Design and Development for Drupal

December 24, 2013In Development, Framework4 Minutes

Drupal is the preferred content management system for companies looking to build complex websites. It’s also great because of how flexible the platform is. However, Drupal’s downside is that it isn’t as easy to keep up with the versions as other platforms. In order to make sure your website gets built correctly, you need an experienced Drupal web design and development team. That’s what we specialize in.

We are experts in developing and designing for Open Source CMS platforms, and Drupal is one of the primary platforms we focus on. We understand the capabilities of this platform, so we can create an outstanding site whether you need a large publishing site, an eCommerce site, a community site, or a simple promotional platform. Because Drupal doesn’t come with too many add-ons, it requires a lot of development work.

And when it comes to building a Drupal site, everything from the planning to the small details matter. We’re qualified to work on Drupal web development because we work as a team. It all starts with a creative brainstorming process to generate ideas for both the developmental and design aspect of the project. From ideation, we move straight into site architecture and UI/UX planning. After that phase, we’ll come up with a solid plan to move forward with the actual site design and development.

One thing that gives us an edge over other developers is that our expertise starts with design. We have a Chicago web design and research team that handles all aspects of the site development. Creativity is our top priority, and we ensure our expertise is applied to all facets of design. For example, it doesn’t matter if the plan is to add unique functionality to your website. Nobody will use that functionality if it is not designed for the user experience.

Our goal for web design is to make your brand a big part of the user’s experience without overwhelming the user. We believe in designing to make the user want to learn more about your brand and walk away from your website with a positive impression, specifically an impression that leads to future sales, referrals, and revisits. This is achieved by integrating elements of your brand into your design and using storytelling in a way to draw people in.

VERSIONS® can also customize every aspect of your Drupal site. We can create custom modules for added website functionalities, format the backend so that managing your website is easier, and come up with unique themes for your company. We can also ensure your website is compatible with today’s viewing formats with responsive design.

Don’t settle for a firm that only develops. Choose VERSIONS® if you want the best of both worlds. We’ll build sites with stunning branding elements, one that performs in the digital world and comes equipped with all the functionalities your company needs. You can also drop by our Chicago web design office to get an inside look at how we work.

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