Point and Shoot: 3 Tips for a Great Photoshoot Experience

March 9, 2015In Research, Creativity, Marketing, Concepts3 Minutes

We recently had a fantastic photoshoot opportunity, thriving in an environment full of great, positive energy and creative collaboration. As a result of that experience, we’ve decided to compile a few points that we found to be poignant in improving the entire photoshoot process. 

Point, Shoot, and Connect

As you go through the photoshoot, make sure to connect with your subjects. Strike up a friendly conversation – the more you speak to one another, the more at ease you will all feel, resulting in the best results possible. A relaxed subject is a photogenic one – no fake smiles and all of the warm energy will transfer to the final product.

If you’re photographing objects or a facility (as opposed to corporate headshots), speak to the individuals in charge of production or the people that work within that industrial space. Understanding the message they want to convey, the brand’s voice will give you a greater grasp of the vision and will allow you to get that perfect shot. Knowledge is power, and that’s no exception with your photography project.

Stop Being Afraid

Experiment with lighting and angles, even focusing on different layers to see which effect works best with the message being conveyed. A sharp photograph with complete clarity throughout the shot can have a different impression than one with a softer feel/glow. Consider playing with a vignette and various perspectives – do not be afraid to snap a photograph on a whim. The moments where your mind is most relaxed and at peace with the composition is a shots that will resonate later.

Look around and allow your eye to be drawn where it will – your innate creativity will guide the frame. You notice specific compositions for a reason; what stands out to you will likely resonate with others too! Do not be afraid to step outside of the norm or think outside the box. Your creativity will reward you.

The More the Merrier

Take as many shots as possible – your likelihood of taking the perfect shot increases with the number of photographs you actually take. Even the slight slip of the hand or minutely changed angle can result in the winner.

A photoshoot with multiple photographers also has the added benefit of perspective. Each person views an object or environment from a unique point of view. Use that to your advantage! It also increases the camaraderie between the photographers and the subjects, creating a group-minded vibe to the photoshoot. The more the conversation flies and flows naturally, the increased likelihood of relaxed faces for great results. Photographer(s) + conversation = relaxation. Fantastic results.

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