The Importance of a Magento Responsive Web Design Layout

February 3, 2014In Web Development, Responsive Design, eCommerce3 Minutes

Are you currently using the Magento platform or planning to build a Magento based store? If so, it’s important that you use a responsive design layout. That way your website delivers the optimal browsing experience for all devices. A responsive design layout will take your main site and create alternative versions. This will then display a version optimized for the device your visitor is using.

More people are using their smartphones and tablets to shop online. By 2015, consumer shopping using mobile devices will jump from $25 billion to $65 billion in the US and European countries. The trends show that the number of consumers that are using mobile devices to make shopping related searches are increasing year after year and it is predicted to continue.

Person browsing online with eCommerce Magento

Sadly, many eCommerce websites are not set up to deliver the best shopping experience for these mobile users. A large number of eCommerce stores have trouble with loading times and as a result, have high bounce rates. Part of the issue stems from the number of pages and products that are sold on these websites. The small screens make it hard to view items, read descriptions, choose product options, and manage shopping carts.

The solution is to use a responsive layout that makes it easy for users to shop, browse and interact with eCommerce stores. Simple things such as compressing image file sizes, laying out the product listings differently, and formatting the content according to the device all add up to big results. eCommerce stores can easily double, even triple their mobile sales (or more) by using a mobile friendly design.

Even big eCommerce companies like Amazon and eBay are investing to serve mobile users., in particular, has received the highest mobile customer satisfaction in 2013. These companies know that a top notch mobile experience isn’t only going to increase sales, it’s going to get a customer to come back and shop with them in the future.

If Magento is your platform of choice, it’s important that you build a strong foundation from the ground up. The bottom line, however, is that you cannot ignore the mobile audience if you operate an eCommerce store. These days, companies are reporting that 20 to 50 percent of their visitors come from mobile sources. There’s no better indicator than that to give you the motivation to design for mobile devices.

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