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December 23, 2013In UI/UX, Design, Web1 Minutes

How do we approach web design projects, and thought storytelling techniques help brands create better websites?

People are drawn to experiences and that’s what storytelling does. Storytelling engages people and connects them to the brand.

Process of storytelling

How do we integrate the brand into the story and make a cohesive web experience? We achieve this both through content and design. The design will be based on the brand story while maintaining a solid visual communication. Then, weave a story into the design by integrating it into visual elements without inundating the audience, for maximum engagement.

Most importantly, we need to make sure that your site is user friendly and conversational. We have to design with UX in mind because we know that’s what makes the website perform. All the visual elements and content are gone to waste if the UX design isn’t optimized. A team that is composed of experts in different fields of design and marketing from branding to web design assures that project gets completed accordingly. Collaborative sprints and design iterations are the best methods for web innovation.


A creative process where each team member is connected throughout the whole project creates design spring. This ensures that everybody is updated through all the released versions and each team member can add value from start to finish. Collaborating with clients and inviting them to contribute their ideas to their projects ensures project alignment.

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