For Better SEO, Look to Your Content

June 30, 2015In Advice For Businesses, Concepts and Ideas3 Minutes

SEO is an integral component of digital marketing that accounts for many companies’ (enterprise and startup) revenues. Still, many are going about their approach with a ‘business as usual’ implementation – plugging in keywords and playing to what the auto-generated engines will pick up.

It’s not just about keywords anymore.

To be truly optimized, content must be crafted with both the user and SEO in mind, and with an increased focus on quality and experience, content must be the driver. While this creates a better user experience, it can be challenging to implement best practices when creating content for searchability. Understanding user needs is the frontline while writing optimized content for organic searchability is paramount.

Experienced search engine optimization experts and content developers understand the underlying factors as to why writing unique and relevant content for websites is important to ensure the long-term success of a profitable online business.

Effective textual content within a website can naturally increase SEO organically by offering a useful purpose to human website users while also the secondary purpose for search engine optimization, as highly optimized content that search engine bots recognize as unique content.

While a keyword strategy is important in getting users to a website, ensuring they find accurate information tailored to their needs will increase the probability of conversion. Because search engine algorithms are so advanced, they are better than ever at finding words and content within the site and presenting it to a prospective user. For that reason, it’s advised to populate a site with optimized content that relates to the user in a relevant, meaningful and useful way.

This does not mean a keyword strategy should be tossed out the window. Keyword strategies are relatively straightforward, should not be overlooked, and are even more effective when paired with high-quality content. A page overstuffed with keywords will be detected by search engines and ranked lower. When paired with optimized content, keywords have a much better chance of moving to the top of search results.

No longer are marketers ‘writing for SEO’; rather, we are writing for UX.

Producing high-quality content will ensure a greater occurrence of conversion and lead prospective users to the right information and an authentic experience time and time again.

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