Why Are Infographics The Next Big Thing On The Web?

July 29, 2013In Design, Branding3 Minutes

Infographics have been used by many online companies to generate user engagement that typically translates into back-links for their websites and to build online reputation and authority for their websites. What many people are starting to realize is how impactful this type of content can be. It’s far from being new but there is a lot that has not been explored with infographics. If you’ve only been using standard content to promote your business, you’re really missing out on some big opportunities.

Why Infographics Shine In the Attention Age

Infographics have many advantages over the standard textual content. One of the challenges that many online companies have is getting the attention of their target audience. Using textual content can bring in leads, readers, and followers, but it’s difficult to do so when you’re competing with other textual content that looks and sound similar. The information age has transformed into the attention age and infographics shine in this department.

What makes infographics so impactful is that they immediately capture the reader’s attention. Its visual nature draws the eye and also makes it easier for people to consume the content. Visual content can also be consumed faster, so readers get the instant gratification of being able to extract value from it faster than textual content.

And because it gets more attention and consumption, people are more likely to pass on the content to their friends and network. The viral nature of infographics is why so many companies depend on them for their content marketing campaigns. Of course, there is still immense value in the textual content. But depending on just one type of content yields limited results.

Infographics Still Has a Long Future

The online industry evolves very quickly, so while the strategy of using infographics is fairly young, it is far from new. However, it can still be considered the next big thing because it hasn’t been explored to its fullest potential. Many online companies are using infographics in new innovative ways.

For example, some companies are pushing the limits on what infographics can do by making the content dynamic and interactive. Users can make the content cater to them based on their criteria. Some marketers are also taking the concept of infographics and applying them to videos, making the videos even more appealing than they already are.

There are many more things that can be done with infographics, so it’s safe to say that infographics still has a long future as a marketing strategy. There’s been a lot of criticism about this type of content due to the fact that marketers have taken advantage of its appealing format to produce poor content. As long as you put in the effort to create outstanding quality, you should be able to benefit from using infographics, especially since they are specifically used only in marketing savvy industries.