Single Product eCommerce Design

January 20, 2014In Development, Framework, Research, Cognition, Marketing3 Minutes

Setting up a website to sell a single product effectively highlights a core product, sets up promotional events, or increases conversions. While the concept is simple, you still need a quality single-product eCommerce design to maximize your results. These websites will usually be small and concise, so all the small details make a big difference in the final result.

eCommerce site featured on a mobile device
eCommerce site featured on a mobile device

Like a regular website, single-product websites need a professional presentation. The visual presentation will speak volumes about the product’s quality and your company’s credibility. Without proper single-product eCommerce design, people will feel suspicious about making a purchase from a small website with some generic design. That’s why you want to instill confidence in them with aesthetics.

Effective design is also important for single-product websites if you’re trying to tie the product around a big promotion or event. You want to use a design that ties the website to the message. For instance, if you announced a special product offer on your single product website on your main website, you want to ensure that the design ties into your main website and is relevant or contextual to your original message.

eCommerce site featured on a mobile device
eCommerce site featured on a mobile device

Conversion is probably the biggest issue when setting up a single-product website. Everything from the font, colors, message, copy, branding, formatting and graphics will impact the website’s conversion rate. You need to use a design that captures attention and conveys value. Then, you want to use the correct message and use effective sales copy to get the visitor to make the purchase.

For many people, it may seem strange to invest in the web design of a single product website. But a small site like this can eliminate distractions and make it easier to center a promotion on a specific theme. A bigger website already has a theme set in place and many different links that can steer users away from the main objective. Marketing a single product website will also be easier since you can use a memorable domain name in promotions.

The takeaway is to invest in a single product website if you are promoting a specific product, service or event. It will help highlight the product and eliminate distractions so that the promotion is successful. Web design for these single-product eCommerce sites is crucial to the success of your promotions, as the design will increase branding efforts, conversions, referrals and sales.

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