Moving Towards Better Corporate Web Design

January 28, 2014In Development3 Minutes

While sales oriented websites need to be designed for attention and conversion, the same strategies and goals do not apply to corporate web design. Corporate websites have the goal of marketing the brand, creating a positive perception in the eyes of the public, and/or leaving a positive lasting impression. These goals come with their own set of unique challenges that require a different approach to web design.

For one, corporate web design is primarily created to convey the value of the corporation to visitors. However, they must also appeal to the individual. Many corporations choose to ignore their users entirely and build their websites solely from their perspective. This results in a design that only feeds the ego of the corporation, disassociates from the target audience and loses sight of the goal, which is to connect with the visitors. Finding balance is one of the toughest aspects of designing a corporate site.

Second, the corporate website has to pack a punch right from the get-go. The website needs to visually appealing while delivering a message that is relevant and valuable to the user. The initial presentation needs to be eye catching and the message needs to be concise. It’s also important for the introduction to seamlessly transition into the rest of the website. Many corporate websites have a great introduction but mess it up by providing too many options, images or components that detract from the main goal.

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Next, the design and the message need to come together to leave a lasting impact. One of the ways that corporations are doing this is by using visual storytelling and making their corporation/brand image a big part of the browsing user experience. Stories can help the audience identify with the corporation/brand and get a sense of the value behind their products and services.

Finally, the user interface and user experience needs to be strong components in the design. Improving the UI will help facilitate the usage of the website and make the whole browsing experience intuitive. Improving the UX (through improved accessibility, quicker load times, organized site structure, etc) will make the whole experience valuable and seamless. There are countless examples of corporate web design where the UI/UX hurts the browsing experience to the point where users are almost dissuaded from using the website.

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ArtVersion has designed websites for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses, medium businesses, to Fortune 500 corporations. Our expertise in branding, visual storytelling, multi-platform development, and UI & UX design gives us the ability to design impactful and stunning corporate websites. We’re in the forefront of the design industry and our work has received rave testimonials from our clients.

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